Delicate Lies – The Stonewater Series book 2

Dylan McGrath lives his life with the guilt he forces upon himself on a daily basis. His narcissistic mother failed him constantly—her selfish expectations ruined him, leading him to an existence that was void of the love and nurturing that a parent should offer unreservedly.

Instead his life is marred with death, feeling loss of a great magnitude, drugs and alcohol his faith.

Relationships are not something he enters into freely, real intimacy not something he is capable of. The one night stands ease the pain.

Enter Zoe Garretson. Dirty mind, potty mouth and the kindest soul.

One woman who is willing to look his demons right in the eye, and face them head on. She reminded him of every good day he’d lived, though they were few.

Zoe becomes lost in Dylan, the kind of lost that can make you feel found. She yearns to show him that love is the ultimate high. Show him how a definitive kiss could open his heart and lighten his darkness. She longs to remind him of the magic that exists in life.

Could he open his heart to someone that is willing to give hers with no limitations at all?

One great lie, two big hearted people, three lingering weeks.

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